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Welcome to the Timbrel Praise web site.

The tambourine is an amazing instrument of praise now being used across the globe in churches of every denomination. Why don't you take a peek to see how you can use it in your church.

Getting Started :

The easiest way to get started with Timbrel Praise is to purchase the Basic Tambourine combo which includes a book, video and tambourine sparkly paper. You can do this by going to the
Online Store. Alternatively you could check out the
Official Timbrel Praise site or the Online School of Tambourine.


 Timbrel Praise
Timbrel Praise is a technique of playing the tambourine, It uses steps to create movements which can be played in church as a accompaniment to praise and worship, dance and/or as a special performance.


 A Taste?
The best place to get started is at the Online School of Tambourine where you can take a few online lessons to give you a taste of what Timbrel Praise tambourine is like. Click the Go! button to check out the site.

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